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I’m doing something different with the release of the deluxe of Open Treehouse! Something that I hope not only can impact me but independent artists like myself around the world, but specifically in Ohio. With the release of Open Treehouse Deluxe, I’m hoping you all as a community will contribute financially to the deluxe in hope to reach a goal of $3,500 prior to the release of the album. 


It’s no secret that streaming doesn’t pay, and that has continued to put a hinderance on my career. I want to do more, I want to continue to make the community that forever builds into me proud, but often times it’s hard without a steady income or working capital to take that next step.


Streaming pays .0035 per stream. In order to make the $3,500 I’m asking prior to the album’s release, I would need this album to get one million, five thousand, seven hundred forty seven streams.

1,005,747 streams


Again, I am looking for my music community to contribute $3,500 to me. Why? Let’s do some math.


Streaming vs Buying:

Streaming - In order to make $3,500, I need those 1,005,747 streams. 

Buying - If 100 loyal supporters purchased the album for $35, that goal would be reached and the funds would go toward projects just merchandise, vinyl, and traveling to bring more eyes to this album. 


Lastly, this is community based. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone to pay more than they can. This is PAY WHAT YOU CAN, any and everything is appreciated. Want to spend $1, that is awesome. $5? That is equally as awesome. Want to send me $3,500 in full? Go crazy, that’s awesome to me. All in all, I am absolutely grateful for the support and I hope I am and continue to make you proud. Use the links below to preorder the album ANY way you would like. 


Always Love, Always Inspire 

Joey Aich 

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